Investment Opportunity

Investment opportunity with low buy-in

If you are looking to invest in holiday apartments with world class surf, then read on…

I am an Australian Citizen based in Sydney with my wife, who is an Indonesian Citizen and entitled to own land in Indonesian. Since 2014, we have been land owners in the district of Watu Karung, South Central Java, Indonesia. Westerners are not legally entitled to own land in Indonesia, but are legally entitled to ‘lease’ units. We are currently offering the opportunity to lease units once built, for the short or long term.

In early June 2016, we will be making the trip to Watu Karung, Java in order to finalise the land process and start building. The plan is to lease 1-2 units (ground and 1st floor level) ONLY once built, with a lease term and cost to be negotiated. If you are interested in viewing the land for yourself, we can guide you during our visit so you can decide for yourself.

We regularly consult with a Public Notary in the nearby region of Pacitan, who advised us of the legalities during the purchase of the land, witnessed the transfer of funds and the signing of documents during the transfer of ownership. He will also help guide us through the building and associated legal processes. I have drafted a ‘leasing’ contract that I can forward on request. Once an agreement has been reached; the contract can be signed, witnessed and the funds transferred in the presence of a Public Notary to ensure it is legally binding.

For more information or to express your interest, contact Lee Edmondson on








Photo Land2

Photo Land3

Photo Land1


Land Blosok Beach


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